Our Story


Fadó (pronounced f’doe) is Gaelic for “long ago” and is commonly used to start a story, similar to “once upon a time.”  We chose it because we’re telling the story of Ireland’s rich and ever-evolving pub culture.

In 1996, a small group of Irish entrepreneurs came to the U.S. and started Fadó with the goal of bringing the best of Dublin pubs to the U.S. That goal stands firm today as we passionately bring Irish Pubs into the 21st Century. 

What does that mean? 

It means we feature dozens of international and local beers. It means that while we are a sought after outlet for televised sports, mostly soccer, you are just as likely to see delicious craft cocktails on the bar as pints of Guinness.  And whisk(e)y?  Yeah, there is a lot of great whiskey.

It also means that we employ a very proud group of lads that run a scratch kitchen, providing diners with fantastic plates. Gone are the days of basic Irish pub food. Instead, you’ll get your Irish standards coupled with a few dishes that are sure to surprise and delight, blending passion, quality, and originality in one menu. 

Quality or nothing.

An Irish pub doesn’t maintain a high standard for more than 20 years without relentless attention to detail. Our cod, used in our famous fish and chips, is sustainably caught in the deep, icy waters of the North Atlantic near Iceland. Our meats are custom cut by third-generation butchers in Vermont. Pull up a seat and see (and taste) first-hand what 21st Century Irish quality is.

Unmatched hospitality. 

The most important part of any Irish pub is the hospitality. We strive to make sure you have a great time here and that you return with more stories to tell. Regular customers are the lifeblood of our business and we’re lucky to have many. Our crew makes sure they’re well looked after and they’ll do the same for you.

We talk about baking a lot of care, curiosity, and craic into each lunch, happy hour, dinner, and brunch. We hope you feel that when you’re in our pub. 

Welcome to Fadó Seattle

Fadó Seattle has been serving the public since November of 2000. We are located at the intersection of First and Columbia just blocks away from the historic Pioneer Square district, Pike Place Market, and the beautiful Seattle waterfront.

Centrally located within downtown, Fadó is just a short jaunt from any downtown lodging or business, offering a peaceful refuge from the daily grind.

Retreat into one of our many distinct nooks and crannies as we illuminate the pub with the soft light of a hundred candles. Make your way to the bar and enjoy your favorite adult beverage from Seattle and across the pond. A nod to the barman solidifies your choice, a pint of the dark, creamy, stout which is the true soul of Ireland, the finest pint of Guinness in town.

Take note of the glass, a twenty ounce imperial pint, curved and shaped to fit the palm, one easy motion completes it, the perfect pint.

Whether it’s for a business lunch, a great dinner experience, or to dance and sing along with one of the many great bands that play music almost nightly, grab a pint or three, and enjoy the best craic in Seattle!