Irish Coffee, Anyone? Learn How We Make Our Famous Cocktail

January 24th, 2018

irish coffees

Drink Irish Coffees for Charity!

Yes. You read that correctly.

January 25 is National Irish Coffee Day (yes, this is totally a thing!) and we’re celebrating by teaming up with one of our favorite charities: the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. On Jan. 25, 2018, we’ll donate $1 to St. Baldrick’s for every Irish coffee sold in our pub. But, we’re not stopping there. Post a photo of your Irish coffee on Instagram and tag it with #FuelACure2018 and we’ll add another $1 to our donation!

Drinking Irish coffees for charity? Yup, let’s do it!

Let’s get one thing straight: a long winter is miserable. Muddy snow tracks, high gas bills, people always sniffing on the train — it’s awful. If you disagree, well, we can’t help you. But there is one thing that can help mitigate the unrelenting barrage of cold weather: Irish coffee.

In fact, a really well made Irish coffee may be the only saving grace of winter. Speaking of a really well made Irish coffee: ever wonder what goes into a traditional Irish coffee? Looks like you’re in luck. Check out the video below to see how we make our famous Irish coffees.