The 5 Types of Drinking Buddies You’ll Have

February 16th, 2018

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There’s a good argument to be made that grabbing a drink with your buddies is at the top of the “How to Spend Your Time Wisely” list. It’s not just about brushing off the day, starting a big night out, or simply waiting out traffic, but it’s about forming stories that you can then retell – bigger and better… over a pint. It’s the perfect cycle.

But while we all have our favorite friends to grab a drink with, not all drinking buddies are the same. We’re willing to bet you have a friend (or maybe it’s you) who matches the description of one of these five types of drinking buddies:

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The Pusher:

Let’s say it’s Friday night and you’re on the verge of either calling it a night or losing track of time (and maybe your cell phone). If there’s The Pusher around, you know you’re in for a long — and likely blurry — night. This pal is known to keep the rounds coming and has spent years mastering the art of getting “one more” commitments from his or her friends.

The Pusher is sometimes artful in his or her skills of getting you to have another one, using a subtle touch or taking a page out of a Freud essay. Before you know it, you’re having “one more” and you didn’t even realize you wanted it.

Favorite Drinking Move: to order a surprise round of drinks before anyone has a chance to pay out.

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The Friendly Neighbor:

We all know this person: a friendly cat with a pension of talking to anyone and everyone in close proximity. Their personality is infectious and you’re likely to end up in some fun conversations with strangers because of this guy. It may seem a bit uncomfortable to get to know everyone in the pub, but there’s a reason why he’s friends with all the bartenders.

The Friendly Neighbor is endearing and well-meaning, so you put up with the sometimes awkward moments of introduction knowing you could meet some great people.

Favorite Drinking Move: cheersing every single person within five feet.

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The Wanderer:

Is there a cowbell for friends? The Wanderer cannot stay still and must explore every inch of the pub. It’s not uncommon to look up and see him or her joining a new group of friends or on the dance floor tearing it up.

They’re always down for a party and you know you’ll get a good story at the end of the night, but it’s best if you supplement with another drinking buddy so you can have someone to talk with.

Favorite Drinking Move: the “grab-n-go.”

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The Sprinter:

“If you ain’t first, yer last.” – Ricky Bobby

Talladega Nights may as well be this buddy’s favorite movie, because he or she is all about getting there and getting there fast. They tend to go a little hard in the paint a little early, which can spell danger for a lightweight. But, if it’s someone with a high tolerance, The Sprinter can be the life of the party.

If The Sprinter offers you a shot, better sip it rather than shoot it. We’re all not cut out to be sprinters.

Favorite Drinking Move: getting a couple at a time… when the bar isn’t busy.

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The Storyteller:

Ah, yes… the famed Storyteller. From that last trip he or she took to the new book you should be reading, The Storyteller never runs out of things to talk about, and we love it. This person can be great to invite out for a beer, especially if you’re at an Irish pub and in the mood to be entertained (the Irish are notoriously good storytellers and you’ll find a few at the pub).

The more The Storyteller drinks, the longer and more dramatic the stories get. Great for you to just kick back and laugh. Just hope the stories aren’t boring, or you may be in for a long night.

Favorite Drinking Move: ordering a drink that reminds him or her of “this one time…”

Have a funny story about a drinking buddy? Think there are more types of drinking buddies? We would love to hear it! Email Lee at with your stories.